About Colorectal Clinic Associates Malaysia

Colorectal Clinic Associates was first established by leading colorectal surgeons in Singapore who were formerly integral staff of National University Hospital Singapore and Singapore General Hospital. We are now a leading international colorectal surgery center with four centers in Singapore and two centers in Malaysia. Colorectal Clinic Associates is a specialist center for the treatment of colon and rectal diseases such as anal fistulas and colorectal cancer. We also provide cancer screening and a full subspecialty service in functional disorders of the bowel such as constipation and incontinence. Our doctors have a wealth of experience in general and colorectal surgery. Read more about Our Doctors


Commitment to Excellence

Our surgeons combine evidence-based treatment with state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the best possible outcomes. This includes the latest in laparoscopic and robotic surgery techniques, advanced gastrointestinal tract endoscopy, anal physiological assessment, and endoluminal ultrasonography of the lower gastrointestinal tract. More about Our Services and Our Facilities.


Collaboration of Expertise

Quality health care is a team effort. When it comes to fighting cancer for example, a team of people such as oncologists, radiologists, physiotherapists, cardiologists and anaesthesiologists work together with our surgeons to provide the best treatment for each patient. Unlike standalone clinics, Colorectal Clinic Associates (CCA) centers in Malaysia are part of ParkCity Medical Center and Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur respectively, to ensure full access to world class multidisciplinary care and support services. More about our locations in Our Clinics.