Rectal Prolapse

Transanal mucosal resection (Delorme procedure)

This is a minor surgical procedure which is routinely performed in a day surgery setting. The prolapsed rectal mucosa is resected and imbricated to reduce the prolapse. This is a low risk procedure with good results, especially for the elderly patient with multiple medical conditions. Postoperative pain is minimal and patients can resume their regular diet and activity immediately post procedure.

Transanal proctosigmoidectomy (Altemeier procedure)

This procedure involves a full thickness resection of the prolapsed portion of the rectum. This is performed through the perineal region. The prolapsed rectum and the redundant sigmoid colon are usually resected and the resected ends are joined together close to the anus. Patients are usually expected to be hospitalized for an average of 2-3 days after this procedure. Again, the risks for this type of procedure are not high, especially for the elderly.